Redd Barney Ranch - Nevada Breeders of fine Clydesdale Horses. Home of West Edge Commander.


Origin of the Ranch Name - Redd Barney Ranch

My partner, my wife, was the first to fall in love with this giant breed. Being the feisty redhead that so perfectly defines her personality, she threw herself into this ranch idea, heart and soul. She brings the passion - I bring the practical ranch experience from years of having grown up with chores and cattle. Together as "Redd" and "Barney" - we bring a genuine enthusiasm to build this dream from scratch and watch it grow.

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Despite the long hours and hard work - when we get those powerful horses hitched-up, and the chrome has all been polished, and the manes have all been braided and colored with rosettes - that's when the fun starts and the rewards begin. The horses know exactly what's going on. They are intelligent and proud animals. They fidget and arch their necks, eager to STRUT THEIR STUFF. When Annette and I climb up on that high hitch wagon seat and I gather up all those lines, I can't help but think of my grandfathers, each skilled teamsters as part of their trade - mule-drawn combines and hay wagons. There is something timeless to this sensation - Annette knows the feeling too -  we don't have to speak. Our hearts just swell with pride. It's a very satisfying experience and for us anyway, this is what life is all about. Sometimes you just know you are doing the right thing. We are building a dream, step by step, day by day and loving every moment of it.

- Larry Barnes


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