Redd Barney Ranch -Larry and Annette Barnes  - Clydesdale breeders in Reno, Nevada.
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Registered Clydesdales - In the shadow of the Painted Hills in Reno Nevada.



Annette driving Royal Sir Samson in Ladies Cart Class
at the Draft Horse Classic show 2010

Redd Barney Ranch is located in Nevada’s high desert, minutes from Reno and nestled in the majestic Rose Mountains. We run a dual purpose operation that includes a small breeding program and complete hitch training. Our foundation stallion is West Edge Commander, a dark bay, 19 hands, and the son of Ayton Final Command. We average 4-5 foals per year that we either sell or show. Our small scale allows us to spend more one-on-one time with our horses. Foals go “into training” from day one and the special attention they get typically pays off in the show ring.
Our goal is threefold:

Next time you are in Nevada – stop by. We’d love to give you a tour.

Getting to know these big, powerful Clydesdales
is like a dream come true.

Like so many other horse lovers, Larry and Annette Barnes could be found in the early ‘90s, wandering the grounds of the Draft Horse Classic in Grass Valley, California, admiring the powerful animals and dreaming about owning a Clydesdale or two. Today their dream has come to fruition with a beautiful herd of over twenty Clydesdales on their 50 acre ranch in Warm Springs Valley just north of Reno.

Murphy and proud owner, Grace show off the versatility of this breed of gentle giants.

Ranch life changes with the seasons.

In a few short years, Larry and Annette have become fully immersed in the world of Clydesdales. Activities at the Redd Barney Ranch are constant and change with the seasons. January’s cold weather marks the start of the foaling season and typically finds two or three spindly-legged new colts wobbling through the snow. The breeding season is in full swing well before the first daffodils start to bloom. Summer brings the show circuit and a rigorous travel schedule which includes Utah, Washington state and California. It takes a team effort to keep the harnesses gleaming and the trailers rolling, but the roar of the crowd, the jingle of metal on leather and the sheer power and enthusiasm of their “Budweiser-style” geldings in full stride make all the hard work worth while. Things don’t quiet down much as summer ebbs and fall takes on color. The Redd Barney hitches stay closer to home making local appearances in parades, rodeos and civic events throughout the area.

Larry driving the Six-up Class at the Draft Horse Classic show 2010

Sharing the experience is an important aspect of ownership.

Larry and Annette are dedicated to promoting the Clydesdale breed and the joys (as well as the rigors) of ownership. They make every effort to educate people about these gentle giants by opening the gates at Redd Barney to frequent visitors – a lucky few might get to ride on the hay wagon or participate in a training exercise.

Members of
United States Equestrian Federation

World Clydesdale Show returning to Madison in 2011

Madison will echo with thunderous draft horse hoof beats in October 2011, when the World Clydesdale Show returns to Mad-town.

The 2011 World Clydesdale Show will take place from October 20th through 23rd at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin. The event will feature halter, hitch and saddle exhibitions and competitions with Clydesdale draft horses, known as the “gentle giants” of the equine world.

“Madison has treated us very well,” said Keith Mann, president of the Clydesdale Breeders of the United States. “The crowds are amazing, and the facilities are world class. Though we looked at several venue options for 2011, returning to Madison in 2011 made a lot of sense.”

Held every four years, the World Clydesdale Show is popularly known as “the Olympics of Clydesdales.” The draft horse show features hundreds of the top Clydesdale draft horses worldwide.

The World Clydesdale Show was held at Madison’s Alliant Energy Center in 2007, marking the first U.S. appearance of the event in more than a century. The 2011 World Clydesdale Show venue was revealed earlier, but officially announced to Badger State equine enthusiasts August 7th during the 2010 National Clydesdale Horse Show at the 2010 Wisconsin State Fair.

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Pecatonica, IL 61063
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